Few Easy Tips: How To Carry Damage-Free Hair Straightening?

Few Easy Tips: How To Carry Damage-Free Hair Straightening?

Heat treatment is very tricky as such procedures tend to damage your tresses over time. Many of us have to go through these sessions regularly while some do this only for some special occasions. The frequent flat ironing of hair causes severe damages, but there is always a way out! By maintaining a healthy diet and following some tips while straightening can protect your hair with the undesired damage.

Invest In A Good Quality Straightening Iron

Money matters and so does your hair. If you are planning to spend your money on a straightening tool, always buy the one with the quality for long-term use. Prefer an iron with ceramic plates and temperature control option to reduce the heat damage.

Shampooing & Conditioning Before Straightening

Shampoo your hair and apply a conditioner (preferably with keratin & marine botanicals) to add some softness & shine to them. This step allows the conditioning agents to nourish the strands from scalp to the roots.

Use A Heat Protection Spray Before

You might not want to skip this step if you really want to see your hair healthy & shiny. This spray keeps the hair protected from high heat and might also repair the dryness. This step prepares your hair for the upcoming heat attack.

Oil and Mask The Hair Once In A Month

If the frequency of your heat sessions is high, you should consider oiling or masking them at least once every month. This would nurture their growth by supplying the needed natural nourishment.

Straighten Wisely

Unless you know how to straighten the hair properly, the risk is on! Section the hair and then straighten them one by one. The process is time-taking but worth the efforts. Straighten the tresses as infrequently as possible, to reduce the risks involved.

The straightening process can be damaging but you can control it wisely if you follow this guide. Do not miss out any point, if you truly care for your hair.

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