Do You Know What Do Your Nails Say About Your Health?

Do You Know What Do Your Nails Say About Your Health?

We often ignore the small signs our body gives indicating our health status. Nails might be small, but they do speak a lot if you notice them carefully. There are some common signs that many of us notice on our nails but we ignore them! Notice what your nails have to convey to you through these signs.

The 5 Most Noticed Changes In The Nails

1. Yellow Nails: Excessive use of acrylic or false nails and nail enamel, regular smoking, diseases like thyroid, diabetes, respiratory disease etc. are what these nails are all about. If the nails are yellow as well as thick & crumbly, a fungal infection could be the possible cause.

2. Dry or Cracked Nails: Cracked brittle nails are caused due to the deficiency of biotin, vitamin A and C. Also, if your hands are in the water most of the times, the nails tend to weaken and then get cracked. Exposure to chemicals is another reason for the dry & cracked nails.

3. White Spots: We think this is pretty normal but which is not. Small white spots usually emerge as the result of nail trauma. They are likely to fade away with the passage of time. If they don’t, go for a fungal infection check.

4. Spoon Nails: Nails that shape in a spoon-like structure, curved upwards at the edges signal iron deficiency, hemochromatosis, hypothyroidism or a heart disease.

5. White nails with a pink strip: If your nails are white but at the top, there is a narrow pink strip (Terry’s nails) this could be a signal of poor functioning of the liver! Although most of the times they appear due to aging.

Having healthy nails is equally important as having healthy hair. Carefully observe the changes in the appearance of your nails since they might warn you of some internal health breakdown.

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