Why Lip Care Is Equally Important: 5 Common Lip Care Myths!

Why Lip Care Is Equally Important: 5 Common Lip Care Myths!

The proper care of lips is important in case you don’t want to make them look all dehydrated & chapped! There are some myths associated with lip care that many of us believe but they aren’t true at all! Ignorance leads to and this is applicable to our lips as well. The top 5 myths are here and we have busted them for you!

#1 Lips Don’t Need Care

It is believed that lip care products aren’t needed whereas the truth is that they prevent our lips from multiple environmental damages. These also moisturize them to stay hydrated and look fresh. Your lips won’t dry out often if you apply good quality lip care products on them.

#2 Lips Don’t Get Affected By The Sun

Who said only your facial skin faces the heat! Lips too tend to get damaged by UV rays! They do burn in the sun if not given proper sun protection. Along with sunscreen on your face, apply a lip balm with SPF on your lips as well.

#3 Men Don’t Need Lip care!

This is nonsense! The skin of the lips is equally thin & delicate in men as in women. The unfortunate thing is that men consider lip care unmanly! Dear boys, your lips too need vitamins & minerals for keeping them soft.

#4 Lips Dry Out Quickly With Lip Care

Our lips don’t produce any protective sebum; thus, the protection has to be given from external sources. The lacking nourishment can only be given with a proper lip care routine. This would keep them healthy & hydrated for long.

#5 Lip Care Products Don’t Expire

All skin care products come with an expiration date. One should check it while using the product. Applying expired product might affect the skin or lips adversely.

Healthy lips uplift the overall beauty. Hence discard these myths and show some love to your lips and care for them.

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