Know About The Different Types Of Skin & Their Routine Care!

Know About The Different Types Of Skin & Their Routine Care!

Our skin is divided into 5 categories based on the texture, pigmentation etc. Many of us aren’t aware of our actual skin type which works against the skin! Yes, every skin type needs to be dealt with differently and requires a different kind of nourishment. With proper care, your skin blossoms and the radiant glow will speak of the change. Know about as to which category your skin falls and then follow its care regime:

Normal Skin Type

Normal skin is balanced with dry & oily. Nothing is in excess and hence the texture will be soft with an even tone. The T-zone might get slightly oily sometimes, else it is all fine.

How to care for it: Products with light base & natural formulation would be perfect for normal skin.

Oily Skin type

People with oily skin usually have large pores that secrete oil. This would give rise to the pimple, acne, blackhead and so on.

How to care for it: Apply only oil-free products on the skin. Avoid heavy creams and choose only light products.

Dry Skin Type

With small pores a tight, flaky skin, yours is the dry one. Less elasticity, more visible lines, and dull complexion are what come with a dry skin.

How to care for it: The key to maintaining this type is regular moisturizing. Choose products that are rich in hydrating agents to give the required nourishment.

Combination Skin Type

Most of the people have combination skin. Some part feels oily while the other is dry at the same time. You can easily tell if you have a combination skin.

How to care for it: People with combination skin are advised to try out different products depending upon what they feel would balance the skin.

Sensitive Skin Type

If your skin tends to react to almost everything (dirt, pollution, sun, cosmetics), there is no denying that you have sensitive skin.

How to care for it: Look for mild products with natural formulation only. Avoid using or applying harsh products.

Treat your skin based on its type. It will allow good care and your skin will start to reflect the healthy changes with the positive results.

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